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Baptism and the Unity of the Church
1998-03 - Paperback
William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

Baptism and the Unity of the Church
By Root, Michael
Editor Saarinen, Risto

The contributors to this collection of essays explore the common ground shared by Christians of various confessions in regard to Baptism and look for a basis for ecumenical unity on the basis of these shared positions

Publisher Comments

Baptism and the Unity of the Church is the first comprehensive study of the meaning of baptism for church unity to be written by an ecumenical group of theologians-Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, and Baptist. These essays explore such themes as how baptism relates to the communion shared by the churches and the relationship of baptism and church unity as found in the New Testament, in the ecumenical dialogues, and in the liturgies of the churches. "A significant challenge to all Christians who care about the ecumenical movement.... Michael Root and Risto Saarinen's book is easy to digest. Indeed, it is one of the best collections of this sort I have ever read." - Christian Century

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