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13. Initiation/RCIA:
[baptism/confirmation/ First_Holy_Communion]

Rite of Christian Initiation - Adults (Altar)
Rite of Christian Initiation - Adults (Altar)
By International Commission on English in T
1988-06 - Catholic Book Publishing Corp
0899423558 - Library Binding


Come to the Light
Come to the Light
By Fragomeni, Richard N.
1999-11 - Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
0826411088 - Hardcover

The sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation constitute the essential passages for Christians in their progressive understanding of the divine. In this book, Fragomeni meditates on the meaning of the elements that make up baptism and confirmation--water, fire, and oil--and shows how each plays a part in these sacraments of enlightenment. ...More

Confirmation Book
Confirmation Book
By Lovasik, Lawrence G.
2014-05 - Catholic Book Publishing Corp
0899422497 - Library Binding

This book is intended to be both a manual for preparatin for the sacrament of confirmation and a remembrance of this important event in the spiritual life of the confirmed Catholic. ...More

The RCIA: Transforming the Church
The RCIA: Transforming the Church
By Morris, Thomas H.
1997-12 - Paulist Press
0809137585 - Paperback   See Other Formats

This revised and updated of The RCIA: Transforming the Church is the standard primer for implementing and perfecting the rites of initiation for adult believers in the Catholic church ...More

Baptism and the Unity of the Church
Baptism and the Unity of the Church
By Root, Michael
1998-03 - William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
0802844626 - Paperback

The contributors to this collection of essays explore the common ground shared by Christians of various confessions in regard to Baptism and look for a basis for ecumenical unity on the basis of these shared positions ...More

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