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American Catholic Hymnbook: Demonstration Cassettes
1992-05 - Analog Audio Cassette
ACP Publications

American Catholic Hymnbook: Demonstration Cassettes
By Weakland, Rembert
Editor Haney, David

These two audiocassettes provide the text of Archbishop Weakland's foreword to the American Catholic Hymnbook, as well as the introduction, read aloud. Then follow 65 of the songs in the hymnbook, sung by a choir assembled and trained by David Haney of Portland, Oregon. Most are sung in unison, so that cantors and song leaders can learn the songs easily.

Publisher Comments

This set of Demonstration Cassettes enables you to train your cantors, song leaders, and choir members, with ease and convenience. You can enjoy the songs on your own, for your own pleasure; for this reason, each set of Demonstration Cassettes would be a fine Christmas present for each choir member.

As you upgrade your music program, these cassettes will help you rapidly become familiar with your expanding repertory and your new opportunities to enrich the liturgy. You can pick up new ideas for liturgical use of music you already know, for more effective planning of the Mass.

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