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Catholic Student Bible-NABRE
2011-05 - Paperback
World Catholic Press

Catholic Student Bible-NABRE
By World Catholic Press

Here is a convenient edition of the complete Catholic Bible, at low cost. Both the Old and the New Testament are included in one, paperback book. The Old Testament includes what Catholics call the Deuterocanonical books, for example, the Books of Maccabees. This edition includes many features found in more expensive Bibles, such as indexes, introductions, etc.

The translation is that of the New American Bible, from the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. This translation is what Catholics are used to hearing at Sunday Mass in the United States; it is the version made available in most missals and monthly missalettes. Note that the Lectionary includes some adjustments to this translation; hence, the exact text that Catholics hear at Mass is found in no published translation. This New American Bible translation is as close as you can get.

The price of this edition is remarkably low; it's the most economical version of the Catholic Bible we know of. Moreover, if you order $300 of Bibles from our ACP Family Bookstore, we'll give you another 10% discount. As always, shipping and handling are additional; all prices are subject to change without notice at any time. Place your order today!

Publisher Comments

Uniquely American, this popular translation is the easiest to understand Catholic edition of the Bible. This modern translation was prepared by over 50 scholars to capture the thought and individual style of the inspired writers while still making this translation easy to use for all ages.

The New American Bible is the perfect Bible for your Catholic family and friends, and these editions from Catholic World Press will make perfect gifts. It's the official Catholic Bible -- as authorized by the Bishop's Committee of Christian Doctrine.

Special versions of the official Catholic translation with features for students and gift giving.

Concise, authoritative notes

Revised New Testament and Psalms

Family register and full-color maps (2405 and 2406 editions only)

Chronological listing of Christ's miracles and discourses

List of the Popes

Book introductions

Cross references



Presentation page

Red letter (except 2401)

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