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River of Glory Audiocassette
1992-07 - Analog Audio Cassette
ACP Publications

River of Glory Audiocassette
By Schutte, Dan
Author Goemanne, Noel
Author Kreutz, Robert

This "River of Glory" audiocassette provides eleven choral settings of songs from the American Catholic Hymnbook. Most of these settings are available in octavo format from American Catholic Press, at its ACP Publications website. Noteworthy are River of Glory by Dan Schutte, As Incense, Burning, Rises by Noel Goemanne, and Father, Make Us One by Robert Kreutz. These and other arrangements first appeared in the American Catholic Hymnbook and have been reprinted in other publications, by popular demand.

You will be delighted to hear these choral settings online, right now. To do so, you need only go directly to our octavos page, where you can download demonstration MP3 files of each setting.

Publisher Comments

"I found the [cassette] tape well done. It should certainly be useful in giving parish musicians insight into some excellent possiblities with even limited musical resources. There is a lot of difference between seeing printed music on the page and hearing it in its intended form. As far as the American Catholic Hymnbook is concerned, I am very pleased. It is an excellent cross section of a variety of styles, an admirable and intelligent piece of work."

[Robert Fulton, Music Director, Hollywood, Florida]

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