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Tunes and Texts: an Introduction to the American Catholic Hymnbook
1984-01 - Paperback
ACP Publications

Tunes and Texts: an Introduction to the American Catholic Hymnbook
By Gilligan, Michael

This 20-page booklet highlights the main benefits of the American Catholic Hymnbook. Ten songs are included, with text, melody, chord symnbols, and commentary. Various citations are also provided from Church documents, as well as testimonials from pastors and church musicians.

Here are the chapter headings:

  • Tunes and Texts a Congregation Loves to Sing

  • Music from Every Ethnic Tradition

  • Songs in the Spirit of the Liturgical Renewal

  • Selections that Help You Celebrate the Entire Liturgical Year

  • Music for Children's Masses, Benediction, and Other Services

  • Funerals and Other Services with Music in Place

  • Large Type and Clear Format, for Easier Reading

  • Practical Settings of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer

  • Complete Supportive Publications, to Help Your Planning

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